The Author Would Like to Acknowledge / 3

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The author would like to acknowledge "next steps", both generally and insofar as he is concerned. He was asked recently what his next steps were and he had no good answer for it. The author has truly never been good at answering such questions, or predicting the future, especially when there's a girl in the picture, but understands that considering next steps and predicting the future are indeed not the same thing, and can safely be separated. But the author struggles to separate the two since one seems to beget the other, and is more concerned with his next steps from the place he currently stands more so than what would likely come in the subsequent days. For example, on cold mornings, the author often wonders 'how many steps might it take to get from my bed to the john?' Or, 'how many movements will it take to successfully get out of my bed and begin to take those first steps?' These are much more predictable questions and easier to answer and manage than next steps concerning life plans. However, the author, while not keen on dodging good questions (and this is indeed a good question), would like to acknowledge that he currently has no money and has started to date someone, and above anything else mentioned in these acknowledgements would like to acknowledge that this is one of the, if not THE, most terrible combinations known to man, terrifying to his heart and checkbook, and raiding of his pantry because he can no longer afford to purchase groceries except for homemade dinner dates. I have yet to figure out if this girl requires a lot; she seems to really enjoy the simple things I do for her, even if whatever that is doesn't cost much money. But, again, the author has NO money. As far as next steps go, however, the author would like to figure out a more sustainable way of making money. This is separate from anything having to do with a girl; he just simply wants to survive and pay his rent. And while we're talking about money, the author would like to acknowledge Sir Vince of Wales, the King of Nexteps whose methods and practices of managing the relationship between money and woman is not only unprecedented, but worthy of individual acknowledgements. As a final note, the author would like to state his next steps regarding life and affairs, which are as follows: to not lose his house due to tardiness of rent payment, to find creative ways to make money and support a girlfriend and feed his dogs (these are unrelated tasks), and to prove to himself that he is indeed capable of working hard and trusting God.