Update on Hurricane Sandy


Good morning. Quick update for everyone (namely my parents): Last night was windy and rainy. This morning is windier and rainier. The news might have told you this by now. Specific to where we are, the tide is low right now but around 4:50 this afternoon during high tide is where we will have to take the most precaution. They (the weather people) have said that we should expect water to rise another 3-5 feet which would be getting quite close to the foundation of the house and it would certainly put the chapel and library under water. Still not sure what to expect with wind, power outages, etc., but for now we are doing fine.

Most of DC and the Patomac have called for mandatory evacuation but so far no calls for mandatory evacuation on this side of town, oddly.

There are 11 of us that are staying at Windrush (this is the name of the house we live in). One Fellow is out of town and will join us after the storm. Class is cancelled til Wednesday. We spent most of yesterday preparing so we've got tons of water and food. All should be fine.

More updates to come.