Update #3 on Hurricane Sandy


Good morning, everyone. It is definitely a good morning here. We made it through the storm. The water didn't rise much higher than the height of retaining wall. However, since it's wood, it is pretty torn up from the wind and waves, but it didn't encroach on the house! It appears the chapel is pretty flooded and the library is sitting a couple feet above the water line so books and library interior seem to be okay. Check out the video and you'll be able to see sort of what I am talking about. Sorry for the poor quality. I was shooting in a ziplock bag.

And we still have shelter! And power. And water. And internet. After sitting around the fireplace and talking last night, everybody slept soundly. Things could have gone much worse than they did so we are all extremely grateful to have been kept safe and warm.

On the pier end of things (no pun intended...kind of) the end of the pier is pretty much a wave in and of itself. Andy and I walked out this morning to take a look at it and we couldn't even get near the end. About 50-60 feet til the end is when the whole thing is essentially mush. Sad day. Anyone who has walked to the end of the pier knows it is, as Payton calls it, "centering."

Parents and friends and fellow former Fellows, we are safe and sound and all belongings and shelters are still in perfectly good condition. We are grateful for the thoughts and prayers and grateful for the Lord's provision over this place.

Keep those who were unsheltered and impacted by the storm in your prayers.