The Academy - Post Zero

Hello, dear friends, family, and, hopefully, random visitors!

This post - this very one, right here - marks the start of documenting what will be an unbelievably exciting journey through the next nine months for myself and 11 others on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay at a program called the Trinity Forum Academy. Or, The Academy, for short.


It looks like a lot of things. Consider this post, for example, Post Zero (sort of like Coke Zero, but with less calories so it's totally healthy to read). Post One and so on will play itself out in the form of writing, video, and still photography. This could mean essays, poems, brief updates, interesting stories - all of which will contain (hopefully) some level of provoking thought whilst providing some level of entertainment. Then there will be short videos and photography where you will get to see exactly what life is like here in the beautiful town of Royal Oak, Maryland.

If you feel so inclined, click the "Like" button below (but ONLY if you actually like it) and share the posts and site with friends. Also, have patience with me as I continue to improve and update the site! It is always a work in progress. With that, it is a joy for me to be able to share every bit of this with you. So, thank you and look out for the first official post.


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