Aspects and Interims


Well, it appears I've done a bit of a poor job keeping up with the blog. Friends, family, Fellows, have all been informing me that they would be directing people to my blog so others could get a better grasp on what exactly life is like at this mysterious entity known as the Trinity Forum Academy. What do I have to show for it? Ehh... a poem, a few random photos, oh, and an introductory post saying that I would be posting...kind of like this one. #hashtag #as #necessary

A part of the reason for this is because of my own busyness here at the Academy (which, to be honest, is not really even that busy yet - we haven't even started Lodge work yet). So far it's been a lot of reading, a lot of orientation, a lot of enjoying the newfound community, and not a lot of sitting at my computer - even just to journal. But hey, I want to get better and I want those not present here to enjoy it equally as much as the Fellows. 

Sooo, with that, and in pondering some way to begin explaining the facets of this place, I have decided to start a new something on the blog - a series, more or less - called Aspects and Interims. Two or three times a week (hopefully more) I, and hopefully other fellow Fellows, will be posting on the various distinct aspects of life at the Academy. Truth is, this place and its significance are so many different things - all wrapped into one - that to attempt to pile it into one post or photoblog would be doing it a supreme injustice. The richness of this place is the beauty of its progression. You deserve to be a part of it as well because it is, truly, a magnificently blessed place. As we Fellows begin to gradually unravel the mysteries of this new environment and the hearts of one another, our desire is that you join us alongside.

Also, if you are wondering what the picture above has to do with this blog post - it doesn't. Food will indeed be an aspect, just not yet. :)

Talk to you soon!