Stream of Consciousness: Architecture and Film

It's one of those days where all I can think about is filmmaking.

 Who am I kidding, this is most days. I love architecture and I aspire to be a great designer, but equally-passioned is my heart toward film. I recall as a kid, before even thinking about architecture, telling my mother that I wanted to direct movies when I grew up. I made stop-motion movies with a webcam, usually involving formerly marginalized action figures who could be put to good use in amateur film production. This passion never faded, nor was it replaced by architecture. The two are supplement of each other and build on one another. In architecture school we study form, space, order, and the movement of life through mostly hypothetical space (unbuilt buildings). In the few filmmaking classes I took in college, we study composition, mise en scène, Warhol, and the principles behind what makes a film "good." Architecture and film are inextricably tied to one another. For the former I decide how people and objects will move through a space; in film, I document the process of moving through the space, and tell a story in the duration. Both inform each other of the story to be told. 

Today I spent a brief time meandering through the abyss of EBay, adding to cart (read:wishlist) Bolex H16 Movie Cameras new and old, recalling the three short films I shot in college, but one I was particularly proud of. Hopefully before long I can get it transferred to digital and share it on the blog. While shooting I learned more about how actual film functions and how actual space is captured to tell a story. My mind is captured by this daily-reawakened passion for film. This could be because it's Monday, or because I office with a bunch of filmmakers and photographers. But this occurrence isn't so uncommon that I should attribute it to external circumstance; the desire to shoot film and design buildings are fires with equally high flames. The question is how do I continue to pursue both to the best of my ability without adding water to either flame? 

Things to think about.