To those who believe everything they see on Instagram, or to those believe that what they see represents a constant and ideal reality, void of imperfection or blemish, here's a quick note on the reality of life from an overprivileged, middle-class white boy: Your life—wherever you are at this moment—is beautiful. It may not feel or appear beautiful; in fact, in its existence it may feel quite ugly and defeating. But regardless, your Currently is beautiful.

I moved into my house in Oak Cliff just over a month ago. In that time there have been endless fleas on the property, roaches in the walls, and just prior to taking this picture I was cleaning out the cabinets and discovered old rat traps and rat poop. Whether or not the rats still exist somewhere is unbeknownst to me. On top of that, work is slow, money is tight, I’m back to applying for jobs at architecture firms, and on a daily basis questioning my competence as a person and creator. And these aren’t even real problems. They’re short term, conditional dilemmas underlying a highly privileged First World existence.

But, what often results from these self-imposed, over-internalized, and American-manufactured trivialities is the temptation to believe that life is somehow more terrible than it’s ever been—or worse, that we are alone in all of it and will never come out of it. We take the simply-solvable and polarize it to a soul-sucking degree, and call it suffering. This is not by any means to deny the legitimacy of our trials—they are real after all—but amidst these trials we learn that gratitude, contentment, and hard work itself can unpry our brains from the clutches of depression and self-defeat. (Writing it out also helps.) And if we zoom out far enough we can see how tiny we are, how minuscule our Currently really is, and how with enough wisdom and patience we will surpass that which holds us down.

Sometimes the resolution to Currently lies not in the actual “fixing” of circumstance, but in the pause—the moment where you step back from yourself and recognize Currently for what it is: currently.