Instagram's Sad Compromise/Demise

Instagram has officially sold its soul to the devil. The once community-centric, storytelling and picture-sharing app has become the marketplace for unintelligible ads, created by mindless and profiteering neanderthals who, by some holy miracle of God, figured out how to start a business and then sign up to sell THEIR souls to Instagram. The time is fast approaching where users like me—ones who once enjoyed signing on to engage creatively with others—are going to pack up their photos nicely and neatly into a little digital suitcase, say goodbye to friends and followers, and journey onward to better mediums (like @vsco, or hell, maybe back to print) for displaying work authentically and telling stories creatively. Instagram, I'm sorry, but with the ads you incessantly plague my feed with, your life expectancy is rapidly dwindling. Perhaps you don't care about me, and that's just fine, really, but at least my creative soul won't be the one compromised as a result of time wasted on terrible ads or the idiot admen who represent them.