The Township is a collective of men striving to become better in their relationships, homes, and workplaces, all for the bettering of their city and country, and for the advancement of a healthier human race.

More specifically, the goal of The Township is to healthily facilitate the community and communication between men in a private, online forum. This will include the sharing of essays and writings, ideas, confessions, and conversations at they pertain to the development of the modern man. Manhood as it was once known is on the decline. The only way to further the progression of manhood contemporarily is for men to remain at the forefront of social, relational, and technological change. As communication between men continues to thrive, so too will their betterment, and the flourishing of society.

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Nomenclature, from The Township website

Her mind worked like a combination between a stamp collector, a painter, and an eager child: passionate, constantly creating and inventing something new in her mind, then building the idea on the one before it like the paint on a thickened canvas. Every week she came up with a new name for me, a new identity, a new idea, none better nor worse than the one before it, for how she thought of me. This was how she showed me love.

Welcome to Babetown. Population: You.

It's a long nickname, but that's where it started. Welcome to Babetown. Population: You. was one of the first things she ever said to me when we started dating. It was later shortened to Babetown. Population: You, and then became just Babetown. Babetown became just Town. Town then turned into anything that you could attach to the end of it: Township, Townsend, Townsman, etc. Even with the newer inventions and amending the old nicknames, it was not unlikely for her to casually resort back to the original Welcome to Babetown. You might say I preferred it to the others.

Township didn't necessarily stick more than the other nicknames. It just became a sort of staple that combined a bunch of other names and memories, much in the same way a township is a body of people and local entities. Township, whether she recognized it or not, encompassed me as a man, but more important the memories and experiences that fell between those new iterations of nicknames.

This is the essence of The Township. It is the result of something wonderful, partnered with great trial and pain and heartache and grief. But most importantly The Township is the representation of what it means for man to vulnerably and with confidence plunge forward in his pursuit of change, goodness, righteousness, fortitude, and self-preservation. It is non-autonomous by nature. Through community and conversation it seeks to bind and join men to one another in love and encouragement as they collectively walk through the highs and throes of life.