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A film by Matthew P. Rojas

Director Matthew P. Rojas, a good friend and, needless to say, talented filmmaker, recently produced this intense piece dedicated to women who have experienced abortion and its effects. Matthew asked if I would be willing to play the role of the boyfriend in this clip, someone you may be keen on hating, as I do when I watch this. Filming this sequence was intense, but nothing could have prepared me for the painstaking truth and emotional torment felt by women affected by abortion, as depicted in this film.

Watch Matthew's film. Be moved to love and care for those affected by abortion. If you yourself are in even a remotely similar situation, reach out to one of us. There is help, and you're not alone.

From Matthew P. Rojas:

Inspired by a poem.

Where were you?

Where was your comfort?

Where was your love?

Could you feel my loneliness?

Could you feel my pain?

Could you hold my tears?

Where were you?

These fears, these doubts.

This Pain.

But then I saw…


And you were there.

This film is dedicated to the women who have experienced the effects of an abortion. The subject matter is sensitive, yet brutal. Talking with a few women about their experiences brings me to tears in what they had to go through. We are not to bash these women but love on them and point them to the Lord. The heaviness, the pain, the loneliness can be healed through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Women, you are not alone. There is hope. There is forgiveness. There is new life.

Hannah Kessler & Skyler Fike

DIRECTOR Matthew P. Rojas

WRITER Anna Elizabeth Garcia

CINEMATOGRAPHER Carlos Garcia Jr. & Andrei Matthias

VFX Reel House

SPECIAL THANKS Josh Read, Rob Martinez, Jerod Starkey & Andrew Holzschuh

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